Drywall & Ceilings Installation and Repair
Polo Painting understands that drywall damage is not only unattractive, but can potentially invite health problems, such as mold, into your home or business. Ruined drywall, ceilings, and plaster can be the result of natural disasters, accidents, building settlement, age, dings, and water damage. No matter the problem, we offer professional, efficient, and affordable repair and installation services.

Repairing damaged drywall can involve repairing or replacing studs or lath behind the drywall. In some cases, we will completely remove drywall that has mold or mildew associated with it, replace any structural members that have been damaged and rehang drywall. In all cases of repair of drywall or total replacement of drywall, Polo Painting will completely restore the smooth, beautiful surface you expect. Sheetrock ceilings and walls, repaired or replaced, and freshly painted make your house the home you want.

We repair and restore drywall wall ceilings, including remodeling styles that have outlived their usefulness. Popcorn ceilings were at one time very popular, but now many homeowners would like to remove them and have smooth ceilings. Removing popcorn ceilings is a messy and tiring job. We will do the job for you and clean up the mess as well. We can repair and remove popcorn ceilings.

We install new drywall and also repair and replace damaged drywall. We repair and replace crown moldings, refinishes cabinets, antiques wooden cabinets, repairs and replaces ceilings. We are always ready for even the most challenging painting jobs – including a 2 story entryway in this Mountain Brook home.